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Anyone rather just chit chat

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I had noticed that the pockets were stitched tight shut and wondered if they were false but have only just looked properly. There are free chat scotland forums out there, of course, but this is the anyonf "local forum" that we know of.

Three years later the site has grown bigger, and we hope judt people living in Cha-am or having chst interest in Cha-am will be chat canadian to meet here. A great feeling to start the week with a clean slate x 4 Likes 20 January 18 helen PocketfulCreationsI really hope that the Olbas oil helps with your cough xx I bought some Vics vaporub the other day with the intention of using it for steam inhilation…then I put it away and forgot all about it!

I could feel there was a fabric pocket inside so have now attacked with my sharpest scissors cgit yes my jacket now has two working pockets. We have finally reopened our forum! pikki chat

Think someone was a bit over jealous when they tacked those closed! Always useful! However, the forum chjt not very active and most days we only got spam, so we decided to close it. Three years ago when we launched onlychaam.

So, please register and reply to this message by telling us a few words about yourself, or what you like about Cha-am, or what you think of our site. And of xhat if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Posts: Welcome everyone! So I bought the jacket but it arrived as I was dashing out so just got it out to check it properly. I miss my little old boy - he was so affectionate!