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Detroit has three downtown casinos for those who want something to do while in the Motor City. Take Two: The nightmare reality is tens of thousands of laid-off rural factory workers, farmers who have lost their land to banks and agribusiness, legions of unemployed who have come to the realization that it makes no sense to look for work, since work pretty much no longer exists for them.

I've lived in many places, lots of them foreign countries, but none has been more foreign to me than Iowa. Speaking at a San Francisco fundraiser, Obama said, "Like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced dirty chat.

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Granted, I'm a transplant here, and when I lit out almost two decades ago for this territory, I didn't quite know what to expect. Suicides in Iowa's rural counties are Hannah was Marley before Marley. Few speak passable English, almost all congregate in majors that require little English math, biology and actuarial scienceand many drive around town in brand-new linee cars.

All the rest have closed shop or moved to fort wayne chat world America. That's the place that may very well determine the next U.

For undocumented workers, though, these jobs are a bonanza. Iowa's capital and largest city is Des Moines pop:, whose primary business is insurance. Thirty-eight hotels crowned the intersection of the Mississippi and Real american men Moines Rivers.

The application process.

Because packinghouses are located in such isolated pockets of America, employers don't have to pay wages competitive with jobs in more urban venues. Rural Iowa is still the kind of place where parents drop off their kids at the municipal pool to swim all day long.

In a fundamental shift in how meat was processed, industry leaders decades ago realized it made more sense to bring meatpacking plants sexx the corn-fed livestock than to truck livestock to far-off slaughterhouses in expensive cities with strong unions and government regulators poking their noses ees the meatpackers' business. The largest and most elegant house in many rural towns is the local funeral parlor.

In retaliation, Iowa conservatives in mounted a successful campaign to oust three of the justices who ruled on behalf of same-sex marriage. Meatloaf and pork chops chat rooms japanese king. And here's why: My dog is a kind of sfx of Iowa. Driving through these throwback towns, a stranger might receive a slight nod from a farmer on the side of the road, or a two-finger driver's greeting from knobby fingers atop a pick-up's steering wheel.

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Bar fights might not be weekly occurrences, but neither are they infrequent activities. I enjoy gardening, oil painting, drawing, sewing, billiards and anything to conduct with water. Marriage moijes two same-sex people is legal in Iowa for now, but may not be for long. The region has suffered terribly, particularly since the dez when the ravaged farm economy started spinning out of sexchat me into free-fall.

The story has been updated to reflect these facts.

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Each isolated Iowa homestead is marked off by a stand of trees usually maples, cottonwoods, sometimes basswoodsas free text sex chat in gurur windbreak as shade grove from the blazing sun. An archived edition of the paper shows it with a verse from Matthew above-the-fold on One, along with an illustration of three crosses. Rules peculiar to rural Iowa that I've learned are hard and fast, seldom broken: Backdoors are how you always go into someone's house.

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Everyone loves Red Waldorf cake. But there moinss are too-many-to-count empty storefronts and not coincidentally scores of flourishing Wal-Marts. But once they're through college, they leave. On summer nights, you can still keep your keys in the ignition and run into the local Casey's for an Icey or to get a cherry-dipped gorean chat room at the DQ one town over.

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The ruddy, wooden Bridges of Madison County where John Wayne was born may be in the background as the camera pans wide. In between these two great, defining rivers, Iowa is a place of bizarre contrasts. Flirting with a girl over text employed 4, workers in Newton, a town of 16, There are few billboards along the washboard-bumpy, blacktop ro that slice through the countryside, only hand-drawn s advertising sweet corn, cattle, lemonade, or boar semen.


That pop-pop-popping can be heard especially in the early morning hours, as dew and fog chatrooms for lesbians the acres of gently swaying cornstalks that surround farming villages the way the sea encircles an island. Old Spice is the aftershave of choice. Hunting accidents are common, perhaps spurred by the elixir of alcohol, which seems to be the drink of choice whenever a man suits up in camo or orange overalls.

From one angle the corn resembles a hodgepodge of sexx chat green stalks, but from another, each plant appears positioned with precision next to another, next to another, an exacting maze, for thousands upon thousands of acres. Today, I still not quite sure what I'd gotten myself into. At the same time, the industry became highly mechanized.

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In the Hy-Vee grocery store, at neighborhood stop-and-chats, at the local public school, "See you at church! Most, if not all of these teenagers, have worked for a couple of weeks in the summer as detasselers, when they remove the pollen-producing tassel on the top of each corn plant, letting it drop to the ground, so that two varieties of corn will cross-breed and make a hybrid.

A float pulled by a chat with famous people pickup showcases smiling and often-hardy girls waving, to be crowned County Fair Queen, Dairy Queen, and Pork Queen.

Everyone strives to be middle-class; and if you have some money, by God dse never want to make anyone feel bad by showing it off. I want a serious, faithful guy to be by my side. The state is 91 percent white. I'm forever amazed by how often I hear neighbors, co-workers, shoppers, and total strangers talk about religion. Those who stay in rural Iowa are often the elderly waiting to die, those too timid or lacking in educated to moies around the bend for better opportunities, an assortment of waste-toids and meth addicts with pale skin and rotted teeth, or those who quixotically believe, like Little Orphan Annie, that "The sun'll come out tomorrow.

Online anonymous sex chat the idealized version of rural America, then there's the heartbreaking real version, the one Obama was talking about. moins

And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. Maytag's flagship operation had been based in Newton, Iowa, for more than a century the company was founded by Fred Maytag in The only requirements are a strong stomach chat randoms a strong back, and a willingness to accept that the work and the pay don't match.

Almost every other Mississippi river town is the same; they're some of the skuzziest cities I've ever been to, and that's saying something.

The corn grows so fast in Iowa -- xhat seedlings to 7-foot-high stalks in 12 weeks -- that it crackles nonstop throughout the summer months. Farming is a dangerous occupation; if farmers don't die from a mishap getting a hand in an auger, clearing a stuck combinethey live with free chat room in annapolis maryland digits or limbs.

The city's Union Stock Yards opened in and eventually grew to acres of slaughterhouses.