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But just because a host is a professed Christian - for example, Oliver North - doesn't make their show Christian-oriented, Halvorson said. For a new listener, it can be difficult to separate Christian vs.

They don't look for the answers in encyclopedias or the Internet; they only use the Bible. They just need to talk.

Although much of the show's success tlak be attributed to the teamwork of the soft-spoken pastor, producer Robert Case and engineer Dan Nelson attribute it to God. Tell me more National Relay Service Enabling people who are Deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment to make and receive phone calls.

Use the CommBank app to call us. Whether it's Mariner pitcher Randy Johnson or catcher Dan Wilson - both who have given outreach talks for Calvary Tims - or the spirituality of shortstop Alex Rodriguez, listeners hear about God's impact on sports, Taylor said. TTY Type telephone service for people who are Deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment. Some callers are seeking Bible trivia answers, while others want Taylor's advice on problems perrysburg web chat dealing with addictions and relationships.

The dirty chat rooms said she had continually prayed for peace, happiness and joy, but wasn't fulfilled, he said.

Fifteen of Salem's programs are syndicated nationally. Sometimes the answers aren't clearly written in the Bible, Taylor said, but most of them are.

Like secular "hot talk" shows, the of Christian call-in radio programs has increased over the past five years. Wayne Taylor of Wallingford's Calvary Fellowship, taalk one of the newest.

Coping with depression

Christian-radio hosts make an attempt to weave their faith in their shows, like syndicated Janet Parshall of Washington, D. It was very exciting.

Interactive programs rank high among the needs of Christian-oriented radio stations, according to Eric Halvorson, fgom president of Salem Communications Corp. Before the start of each show, Taylor, Case and Nelson pray for guidance in finding answers for their callers. The first-time caller, who was not a Christian, said she wanted to know how she could get the type of smile and happiness that timez had seen demonstrated by Christian free chat rooms xxxxx broken arrow, Taylor said.

Occasionally, his wife, Cathy, and their four young sons guest star on "Call the Pastor.

Some enquiries we can answer at any time. Born and raised in Ballard, Taylor, 46, is a pastor at Calvary Fellowship.

We're here to help

But smaller, locally based shows are best received, Halvorson said, because listeners want to discuss local issues that have an impact on them. It encourages listeners to phone in and discuss Biblical or personal issues with a host, and doesn't shy hangout with cyber chat from "hot" topics like abortion, evolution and euthanasia.

A large variety of issues are addressed on his show, including morals, politics, religion and family issues, he said. Got the CommBank app? Laura Schlessinger ," Halvorson said.