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Gorean chat room

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No combat will take place within the first 2 posts of entry.

There are those that have come very close. We hold ogrean to a high degree of internal discipline and expect the same from those that interact within the walls of GoreanChat.

Some words on gorean role play rooms

There are wild animals. There would be no lapping and coddling, no cute nicknames, and the like.

Defensive posts may take place during the last 2 posts of exiting the room. The terrain varies including the vast expanse of sa-tarna fields, forests, swamplands, barrens, mountains, This room covers all the lands of Gor. Non-Playing Characters NPCs come in to play here; utilization of such characters by individuals is often neglected.

All open chat is considered RP. The stipulation though is that they must be free dating video chat during your entry post into this room in order to be valid. A girl on foot will not outrun a man. Do rooms put up s: "Only roleplayers that know how to roleplay can enter" to keep out the clueless?

Embrace the Gorean world created by John Norman in the books of Gor and you will be welcome.

Chat room conduct

There are pitfalls and ambushes by bandits. These chat rooms are where you'll want to be if you're looking for role play based on the books of Gor written by John Norman. Slaves would be entitled, then, the luxury of jealousy and vicious fighting, as long as they did not mar each other or kill each other. cbat

Or perhaps a Merchant traveling to sell eoom Men would then see all women as slaves, or potential slaves, not truly seeing them fit to independent and self-sufficient. Again, travel will be realistic. Frustrations in Roleplay What is "true Gor" and can it be accomplished in a virtual world?

The slaves then would simply be discarded as is proper for "true" Gor. Those homes sadly, start with a great membership, but the "reality" of Gor becomes too much for many roleplayers. We respect the views and opinions of those that interact within this Site and expect that chst same respect be given in return, to the Home Chat montreal in general and to those that populate our homes and chit chat guys.

We would have to take several backsteps from what humanity and society has evolved, and put from our minds the concept of a God or higher being. Once combat has started, help must arrive within 15 minutes.

You will however keep it realistic. When you step outside the protections of chta society, be prepared. Chat rooms can get close to realism — but never quite there. poolewe chat

Frustrations in roleplay

Final Thoughts Try as they might, I have yet to sluts free chat in maiering a "true" Gorean home. This is not a rule, however and will not have any enforcement by site staff. Guardians of the Site are authorized and will Boot you without warning! No -o- or Annonymous names are allowed. No one will outrun a mounted rider These rooms require slaves to post their chores on the message boards; some require lengthy scripts themselves posted, while others just a brief statement of what the person did for chores.

All of my quotes are from original, first-printing U. Moderators can and will escort violators out of the Site without warning.

OOC will be yorean to PMs only. Gor is harsh. All are welcome to visit Torean, it is a place to learn of Gor and what it means to be Gorean. Opinions and commentaries are strictly my own personal views, therefore, if you don't like what you are reading — then don't. Many sites have added information, assuming the existences of certain products and practices, such as willowbark and agrimony for healing, and travel to earth and back for the vital girls hot chat of goods.

We do not support poaching.

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An example is chores. A fight will consist only of those who are present in your general vicinity in the room at the time of contact. A good amount of this lies within the roleplayer him or her self. The question you ggorean ask yourself is- Do gorena have what it takes to survive the wilderness? Many disappear in the wild areas of Gor, never to be seen again. Some words on Gorean Role Play rooms You must use a Location pulldown in order to have valid singles chat room.

Gorean chat rooms reality vs not

Or on ship or Tarn. I have helped a few rooms set up guidelines and rules, especially those for the slaves themselves. Gor is not kind. There will always be those who roleplay extremely well; likewise there will always be those who have no clue.