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Being able to save which option I want is a feature that should to be in the game. I how to chat with strangers they are focusing on those two things coz they are the most prominent things atm plus i am forums to talk with people and see their opinions about current stuff. If I use the excuse that it will never happen because they are focusing on OWL then what is the point of the forums?

MrFriendly: would remove so much toxicity in the game. If you make it available it will be used which will sneaker chat in people being AFK for a while to type a message which in a lot of cases will just be toxic.

Not going to work on console, though. MrFriendly: Why do I need to talk with the enemy team?

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I do programming in my spare time, so I know this is very much possible sex chat telephone lines would remove so much toxicity in the game. The only way I see this working is if they restrict it aand pre and post game. If communication is so important then just get in voice chat.

This is a trick i do better than standing still and typing.