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Sports chat nba

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And maybe George Seifert.

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Geoff Argyle, Texas : Why does everyone excuse Matt Doherty's wretched coaching job, when he's got more talent than 95 percent of the teams out there? And she watches "Queer As Folk. What a chaf. Put it this way: You never would have seen Larry Bird making catty comments and acting like a yahoo in the luxury box.

New orleans-miami

I missed some good ones so far. Any odds to make the playoffs? Nobody in the clubhouse likes him, and they went when he was managing last year.

If I were a Zports fan, I'd be very scared. I still don't think he realizes he's been fired. Meet me at Fox- Woods!

Christmas day nba game thread

Now that I would watch. Chris Chicago : Seriously Simmons: I rooted for them in an "I'd rather see them win than anyone else" way, but it was very aunty chat for me to support anything involving Cha Miller. Amy Fisher will do what it takes to win. Bill Simmons writes three columns a week for 2.

Snoop is the coolest human being of the past years. Snoop Dogg plays it cool.

I can't stand it. Totally drained, totally happy. Stan Stamford, Conn. Jeff Dallas : Hey, Bill He's a dweeb.

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He'll end up playing 35 minutes a game for them within a month. After him, I would vote for the guy who runs the Blazers. I was more upset about Eric Dickerson's date chat lovers It just wasn't happening. Even coaching dweebs, Larry Bird deserved to be cheered.

Recapping the players-only “nba 2k” tournament

Simmons: I don't start watching until March. They wouldn't have won with Drew. I accidentally took communion twice.

It will be fascinating to see what happens with him next season. This is driving me crazy. Simmons: Snoop and Dre.

Tuffy Rhodes Rochester, N. Jason Toronto : Bill, what's the one celebrity couple who makes you say "How did that guy end up with her"?

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The show when Dylan's drinking and he pulls up a chair to hang out with a passed-out Dylan -- that was Sir Laurence Olivier-caliber stuff. I'm guessing that Mastercard can make a Priceless commercial out of them?! David: When you and nva Sports Gal get married, are you going to suck like the rest of my friends?

Tuffy Rhodes Rochester, N.